Vaccination important for heart patients: Expert

Representational Image [Source:  InspiredImages from Pixabay]
Representational Image [Source: InspiredImages from Pixabay]

Consultant Cardiologist and Associate Professor, SKIMS, Dr Imran Hafeez Sunday said patients suffering from heart disease like Ischemic disease or heart failure were at high risk of Covid infection adding that such patients need to take precautions and follow Covid appropriate behaviour.

He said vaccination was very important for heart patients because vaccine acts as a shield against Covid infection.

Emphasizing on vaccination, he requested everyone to get vaccinated to remain safe and secure.

While sharing his experience and observation, he said that vaccinated people get insulated against infection and they hardly catch infection. However, very few vaccinated individuals get mild infection but they recover immediately, he said.

Dr Hafeez advised heart patients to consult a doctor in case of catching infection and start appropriate treatment.

The cardiologist informed that many people ask him about the risk to hypertension patients due to the coronavirus.

He said hypertension was one of the common risk factors whose prevalence is 25 percent but  every high blood pressure patient was not at risk, so people should not worry.

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