Vakil demands compensation to windstorm-hit farmers

Vakil demands compensation to windstorm-hit farmers
File Photo of Abdul Gani Vakil

Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference senior Vice President Abdul Gani Vakil Tuesday expressed concern over the damage caused to crops and fruit due to the recent windstorm in north Kashmir and other parts of Valley.

In a statement, Vakil demanded early compensation to the orchardists and farmers who suffered the losses.

He alleged that whenever natural calamities cause damage to the fruit and crops, the worse affected were assured compensation. He said surveys after surveys are conducted but no relief reaches to the affected farmers.

Vakil called for a comprehensive compensation to the farmers and orchardists who suffered extensive damages due to heavy snow and hailstorm last year and due to recent windstorm.

Vakil urged the government to carryout immediate assessment of damages to crops and disburse financial relief to the affected farmers without any delay.

He said the Crop Insurance Scheme (CIS) should be implemented in Jammu and Kashmir to save the fruit growers and agriculturists in the event of losses suffered due to natural calamities.

"Waiving of KCC loan is also need of the hour so that fruit growers will have a sigh of relief," Vakil added. "A mountainous state like J&K always witnesses natural calamities of different nature. The government must form a comprehensive and sustainable plan for the affected farmers."

He said if the government failed to address the important fruit industry God forbid the thousands of people will be deprived of their livelihood which is unbearableas it will add the present economic crises in the J&K. Vakil said.

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