Wagoora votes for development

Wagoora votes for development
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People in Wagoora came out in good numbers to vote with a single dream of seeing their area developed.

The upper belt of the Wagoora which includes Sultanpora, Faqir Bagh, Kawhar, Nilsar Murantagwari also witnessed a good voter turnout on Friday. The locals here said that their vote is for the development of the area and redressal of basic issues.

"The biggest problem for the people of Kandi area is that both agriculture and horticulture land is prone to landslide. It has economically devastated us. Besides our roads are in bad condition. Before casting my vote, I along with other voters were assured by a local candidate that if she comes in power she will strictly work for the betterment of the area," a voter Showkat Ahmad said.

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