Waqf collects Rs 1 crore during drive against defaulters

Waqf collects Rs 1 crore during drive against defaulters

The Waqf Board has collected one crore rupees during a month long drive in June against defaulters across Kashmir including four branches of J&K Bank operating from its properties.

"The action taken by the Waqf Board proved fruitful for theorganisation as an amount of rupees one crore has been recovered from thedefaulters. This was outcome of the sealing process and was a big achievement,"said an official at the Board.

According to Waqf records four J&K Bank Branches owe Rs93,64,601 to the Board. These four branches of the bank were sealed fordefaulting on the rent due to the Wakf.

Similarly, the Waqf Board also sealed the LIC branch atSonwar Srinagar for failing to clear a due amount of Rs 56, 49,870.

Earlier, the Board had sent 109 cases for recovery of Rs 6crores to different deputy commissioners in Kashmir province.

During the drive Rs 4,18, 72, 986 was to be recovered inSrinagar from 91 users of Waqf property and Rs 36, 37, 843 from Baramulla.

"There are habitual defaulters with crores lying with themas arrears. Opportunity was given to all such users and defaulters of MuslimWaqf Property to execute a fresh license deed with the condition that theamount of arrears for using the property be deposited by them simultaneously,"the Board official said.

"But they failed to avail the opportunity given to them asper the provision of the law and eventually became liable for eviction from theWaqf premises."

Now, the board has provided one more opportunity to theusers of Muslim Waqf Property to clear the arrears within a week's time andexecute new license deeds in accordance with section 22-B of the MuslimSpecified Wakafs Act -2004.

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