Won’t allow Abdullahs, Muftis or Gandhis to take Kashmir back to 1990s: Tarun Chugh

'The Vikas (development) is underway in all spheres in J&K'
Chugh said Vajpayee was torch bearer of peace
Chugh said Vajpayee was torch bearer of peace

Srinagar, Dec 25: BJP National General Secretary and In-Charge Kashmir Affairs, Tarun Chugh on Sunday said New Delhi is taking every possible measure to bring peace, prosperity and development in the UT and added the BJP would not allow Abdullahs, Muftis and Gandhis to take Kashmir back to 1990’s.

Chugh, the top functionary of BJP while addressing a press conference here in Srinagar, said New Delhi has brought a terror-free atmosphere in J&K however three families who ruined the life of common people in their regimes are trying to fuel uncertainties for their political gains.

“Abdullah’s, Mufti’s and Gandhi’s want to bring Kashmir back to 90’s but I want to clear it that BJP would not allow these three dynastic political parties to bring violence back in Kashmir”, Chugh said.

Hitting hard at NC, PDP and Congress, the BJP leader said these three dynastic political parties had made J&K “an industry of loot” and put impediments in the process of development and peace. “For last seven decades they plundered every resource of J&K. Besides they placed AK47, stones and grenades in the hands of youngsters instead of pen, book and laptop.

They had made JK famous for terrorism capital but BJP stepped up and nailed their interests”, Chugh asserted.

“BJP made J&K tourist capital from terrorism capital. Millions of tourists came to Kashmir this year. The Vikas (development) is underway in all spheres in J&K”, Chugh continued.

He added that Abdullah, Mufti and Gandhi families had established a tradition here to come in power through proxy votes, resulting which the common people had lost confidence on democracy, but with the abrogation of Article 370 the proxy culture of traditional parties came to an end and thus BJP paved way to peace, prosperity and development in J&K.

On elections, the BJP leader said that Election Commission of India has already started preparations which are underway and we hope assembly polls will be conducted soon.

“People of J&K seek peace, development and employment but Abdulla’s, Mufti’s and Gandhi’s are leaving no stone unturned to bring J&K back to 90’s which however won’t be allowed.

On the birth anniversary of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Chug said the deceased leader was torch bearer of peace who brought J&K to fore in terms of peace and development. “At this occasion BJP will organize camps at 55 places to digitize the data of our cadres. We are committed to take Late Vajpayee’s mission forward with full zeal and zest”, he said. 

To a query about Kashmiri Pandits, the BJP National General Secretary replied “We are committed to protect the lives of every citizen. Those killed KPs in past were taken to task sternly and also will not be spared in future as well”.

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