Young author from Bandipora inspires hope through his books

Young author from Bandipora inspires hope through his books
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Srinagar, Aug 6: 23-year-old Sharik Ahmad Mir from north Kashmir’s Bandipora has emerged as a beacon of hope for those grappling with depression, anxiety, and a sense of loss.

The talented MBA student has authored a self-help book that has garnered widespread recognition for its practical advice and soul-stirring insights.

Mir’s journey of becoming a prolific author has been nothing short of inspiring. Having completed his primary and secondary education at Space Age Model School Bandipora, he pursued his undergraduate degree at the University of Kashmir before enrolling in the Master of Business Administration program at Cluster University Srinagar.

Having already penned four books, two of which have been successfully published, Sharik Ahmad Mir is rapidly gaining prominence in the literary world. However, writing wasn’t just a passion for him, it was an emotional outlet to overcome his own pain and introspect on life’s challenges.

Talking to Greater Kashmir, Sharik Ahmad spoke about his deep love for literature and how it served as a medium to express himself and liberate his imagination.

“Apart from writing and researching, I am a voracious reader of non-fiction and I find solace in gaining knowledge. I believe that sharing knowledge is vital to preserving one’s legacy even after death,” he said.

Mir’s aspirations extend beyond the realm of writing as he aims to contribute to society’s well-being by working towards alleviating poverty and tackling corruption through public service.

“Despite facing numerous obstacles in my path of self-learning, I have a belief that anyone can learn anything, even without a mentor,” he said.

Sharik said he has authored four books, two of which have been successfully published. “There are now two books available in bookstores all around the world. My pain and reflections motivated me to use my writing skills to purge my mind of its burdens,” he said.

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