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Iremember my meeting with ChandnaSahab. It was way back in 1991, on a Sunday morning. A floor and a roof where he was surrounded by some seekers of truth, who came for self-realisation. For us, Kundalini and self-realisation were very big terms, but as promised we felt very easily. My interaction with Chandna uncle was not very smooth, because I was with a group of almost seven to eight people who were masters of Hath Yoga; and we wanted to bully him.  

We all got self-realisation. We came back and the idea was to try how this will impact us. No one could practice it further, but I started. And, gradually, I started going every Sunday to his meditation centre. Sundays turned out to be a full-day affair with him. And I learned about spirituality, the world, and the virtual world with him. A hardcore businessman, at heart he was an English and Hindi professor who knew Shakespeare and Kabir very well. ChandnaSahab’s understanding of Sahaj Yoga was unimaginable.


And he made us understand that it’s only prayers that work and any ritual does not correlate with ShriMataji. He has given absolute literature to Sahaj Yoga and translated almost every lecture of ShriMataji from Hindi to English and English to Hindi. I would say he was Valmiki of Sahaj Yoga. You will always be in our hearts Uncle Ji because you were my ultimate Guru. The Guru who taught me how to be patient. Who taught me to love everyone in all circumstances. You lived on your terms and left on your own; in a truly Raj Kumar Bollywood style.

You will always be in our hearts

I will miss you always!

 “While some people are more susceptible to catching these common diseases, most can be avoided by just a few precautions,” he said. “This is a proven fact now that winter is one of the prime seasons for heart attacks. As the temperature falls, the arteries become constricted making it difficult for the heart to pump the blood.”

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