Ladakh experiences astounding departure from normal monsoon rainfall

File Photo of Ladakh
File Photo of Ladakh

Kargil, July 31: In a surprising turn of events, the cold desert region of Ladakh experienced an astounding departure from the normal monsoon rainfall, leaving both locals and tourists in awe.

The two districts, Leh and Kargil, witnessed a very wet July this year, as per the details shared by Faizan Arif, an independent weather forecaster.

“The Leh district recorded an astonishing 42.8 mm of rainfall in July, far beyond the typical 11.2 mm. This marked a staggering departure from normal rainfall at +282 percent,” Faizan told Greater Kashmir.

Meanwhile, Kargil district experienced its own extraordinary monsoon with 31.0 mm of rainfall, far beyond the usual 1.9 mm. The departure from normal reached a jaw-dropping +1532 percent. “ As the southwestern monsoon season covers June, July, August, and September, the cumulative rainfall for June and July painted an equally astonishing picture. Ladakh, as a whole, recorded a total of 44.7 mm, far exceeding the expected 11.9 mm, with a remarkable departure from normal at +275 percent,” Faizan who is popular on social media and runs a Twitter handle by the name of Kashmir Weather informed.

The impacts of this unusual monsoon deluge were evident throughout Ladakh. Streams flowed where dry riverbeds once prevailed.

Notably, several ares of Leh and Kargil districts in Ladakh recent past witnessed large-scale flash floods triggered by heavy rains and cloudburst causing massive damage to roads, vehicles, infrastructure and agricultural fields.

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