“People end up believing in deepfakes…can create turmoil, unrest in society”: PM Modi

"People end up believing in deepfakes...can create turmoil, unrest in society": PM Modi | Photo: ANI

New Delhi [India], November 17 (ANI): Urging people to exercise caution over the rising threats of artificial intelligence in generating ‘deepfakes’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that he was surprised to see a fake video in which he was performing garba.


PM Modi said that there is a challenge arising because of Artificial Intelligence and Deepfake.

“A big section of our country has no parallel option for verification. People often end up believing in deepfakes and this can create turmoil and unrest in society,” he said at Diwali Milan programme held at BJP Headquarters in New Delhi.

Stating that there is a need to educate people about Artificial Intelligence and deepfakes, PM Modi said, “How it works, what it can do, what all challenges it can bring and whatever can be made out. People need to be educated about that. I even saw a video of me doing Garba.”

“I was wondering how well it was made as I never did garba after my schooling. My loved ones are also forwarding it. This is a matter of concern,” PM added.

PM Modi further advocated for the promotion of the ‘Vocal for Local’ programme and said that this initiative is already bringing prosperity to the lives of the people who are involved in small businesses.

“The way we promoted Vocal for local, in last week, there has been a business of around Rs 4.5 lakh crore. People involved in small businesses are earning. On the basis of it, we can march towards a developed India. A trust has to be built in this regard. Schemes like these that have potential can be encouraged,” he said.

He also urged the gathering to initiate events and discussions on how at a given time any ten cities can double their economy.

“You can host summits, events on how any 10 cities can become a 1 trillion economy. If they are at 1 trillion how can they become 3 trillion? How can 10 cities double their economy? You can bring experts to debate on this,” PM Modi said.

Journalists from the Indian media were invited by BJP party chief JP Nadda to attend the program. (ANI)

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