Women are growing drivers in the Indian gaming industry

One of the most interesting parts of the gaming industry's success story is the involvement of women.
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The Indian gaming industry is fast-growing and becoming one of the biggest markets in the world. As of 2020, the value of the market hit $1.02 billion and is projected to hit at least $2 billion by 2023. Industry experts believe that it could hit $4.88 billion by 2026.

One of the most interesting parts of the gaming industry's success story is the involvement of women. Although the perception that the industry is male-dominated is true to some extent, the increasing degree of women's participation in gaming is encouraging.

How more Indian women are gaining interest in gaming

Generally, the growth of the Indian gaming industry has been linked to the increase in the usage of smartphones in the country. The wide availability and affordability of smartphones in India have made gaming easy for all and not just hardcore gamers.

According to a recent study, more than 43% of the Indian smartphone gamers population were women. The report also shows that gaming is popular among women across all age groups. This is a good sign as it reveals that all women now have access to opportunities without age, geographical, or marital status restrictions.

While there are many leisure female gamers, there are also some top names in the professional gaming industry. Some of the popular professional female gamers are ShaguftaXyaa Iqbal, Monika Sherlock Jeph, Saloni Panwar, and Pooja Khatri. These women are not just popular in India but also in the global gaming industry. Saloni Panwar was the first female to represent India at the international esports tournament held in Thailand.

Apart from being active gamers, women are also driving the gaming industry’s growth in several other ways. This was highlighted last year at the Indian Gaming Summit, where market experts opined that female inclusion has increased in the industry and is certain to keep growing. Women are taking roles as players, entrepreneurs, developers, ambassadors, and many others to help the market grow.

Women's active roles in the Indian gaming market

All over the world, inclusion and diversity have been at the gaming market’s core these days. Stakeholders are creating more opportunities to include women and give them opportunities to use and develop their skills in the gaming sector.

Even though there’s still a long way to go, a few female game developers can be seen at popular studios these days. Both international and Indian gaming studios are also developing games with themes that center on women, helping to break the stereotypes and making sure they feel included and represented.

Furthermore, women are not just employed to be passive in gaming companies but allowed to show their innovations and execute ideas that could improve the industry at large. In addition to game development and innovation, you’ll also find women involved in other areas of the industry such as communication, HR, marketing, and customer service.

For example, many Teen Patti cash websites offer games specially designed for women. These games include live casino versions where the delars are both men and women. In fact, there seem to be much more female dealers in the live casino sector at the moment.

Women are also participating as gaming tutors, teaching other players special skills and strategies for different games. They do these through written tutorials on blogs or videos on platforms like Youtube or Twitch. A few of them also use these video platforms to stream live games. There’s almost no section of the gaming industry today where you won’t find women.

Final thoughts

It is great to see more and more female gaming enthusiasts join the industry regularly. These women are gaining attention by showing their special skills, passion, and ability. Whether as gamers, steamers, customer service reps, or developers, the industry is welcoming women in all areas. And as the industry continues to expand, it is expected that more women will be involved.

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