JK Bank: A lot done, a lot more to do

This refers to the functioning of JK Bank. This 10 billion dollar company from a small banking house has grown up to become a giant with a network of more than 460 branches spread over the length ...

This refers to the functioning of JK Bank. This 10 billion dollar company from a small banking house has grown up to become a giant with a network of more than 460 branches spread over the length and breadth of the country. JK Bank is the first state owned bank of the country and around 53% of its equity shares are held by the state Government. It has a track record of growth and profitability. This is the only bank in the country which had set a record to achieve Capital Adequacy Ratio of above 16.84% on 31st march, 2003 which was far ahead of RBI stipulation. Not only this but this 10 billion dollar company has also fetched ASIAN CSR award on Corporate Social Responsibility for "Education for All". But I am sorry to say that this 10 billion dollar company has still not realized the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
 When I mean Corporate Social Responsibility, I mean an intelligent and objective concern for the welfare of society that limits or prevents individual and corporate behavior from ultimately destructive activities, no matter how immediately profitable they are. Or simply what an organisation does to influence the society in which it exists, such as through volunteer assistance programmes.
 Today there are many examples of how people can manage with Corporate Social Responsibility. Elliot Hufman owner of Just Deserts, a San Francico bakery, instituted a practice of hiring ex-convicts because he wanted to bring creativity to his community. Ben and Jerry opened a store in Harlem and employ homeless people to serve ice cream. Paul Newman earmarks all the profits for charities such as the Hole in the wall Gang a camp for children with terminal cancer. The Campbell soup company has sponsored a long running program for education that involves supplying of equipments to schools and Colgate Palmolive supplies school kits to school children.
 No doubt JK Bank is doing a lot for its shareholders, customers and for its employees but how many schools, play fields and villages have been renovated in earth quake hit areas by J&K Bank as Reebok did in Florida devastated by Hurricane. How many computers this 10 billion $ company has donated to our schools and orphanages, how many libraries J&K bank has donated for the common masses and the answer will be none. Because this 10 billion dollar company has donated a Iqbal Park in Srinagar for the common masses and in turn this generates a lot of revenue for the same bank. JK Bank provides short term as well as long term loan to the interested parties which in turn becomes a mess for them because of rigid, non flexible policies. What else can be expected from this Bank?
 Any socially irresponsible act is equally economically irresponsible also. JK Bank is not only an economic institution but also a social institution and a living member of our society. It is a byproduct of our society so it is responsible for economic as well as for social contributions. If this 10 billion  dollar company keeps on ruling out the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility,  then within a short span of time this will be reduced to 10 hundred $ ' company because every company is a product of its environment.
S. Fayaz Ahmad

Peace needed
Dear Editor,
 Wherever we see, it's violence everywhere around. Biodiversity is the creation of God. Therefore no force on earth could wipe it out unless wished by the Almighty. We must therefore believe in unity within diversity, then only we can defeat those elements who have made many areas of earth a hell to live in. Ultimately the world will reject all kinds of violent acts and ideas. Let there peace
Nazir Ahmad

Kashmiri language
Dear Editor,
 This refers to the interview of Prof.Rahman Rahi by Majid Maqbool. Prof. Rahi is right in saying that if Kashmiri language dies, it means Kashmiri is dead, and that means Kashmir is dead. It is beyond all doubts that Kashmiri language is safe and to some extent is rooted in the villages. But in our main city day by day people try to ignore Kashmiri language, mainly young girls and boys. It is because they feel shy when they speak in Kashmiri. We need to take care of Kashmiri language, for it is our mother tongue.
Irfan Ahmad Ganai

Be positive
Dear Editor,
 It is apparent that in this marathon of competition some win the race and some have to overcome the hurdles. It is quite natural that everyone wants to attain his optimum destination. It is tough to succeed but it is tougher to survive as a failure. Some students resort to suicide but this is not the solution. So don't get discouraged, carry on despite the trauma you face. Keep walking and one day the world will be yours. Put on your spur and let your wild horse fly over the dense forests.
Mir Javid Ahmad

Paradise lost
Dear Editor,
 This refers to the social and political situation and the human rights violation in Kashmir. The Maharaja of the ancient Kashmir couldn't have believed that this heaven called Kashmir would one day become a colony? India, on the basis of the size of electorate is called the biggest democracy, but actually it is the worst democracy. India is happy with the present situation of Kashmir and would surely like to keep it that way.
Dr. Sajad Ahmad
Kulgam, Kashmir

Kashmir History?
Dear Editor,
 This refers to the news report about BOSE!' It clears shows the pathetic condition of our education system. There is no effort to improve our level of education. If we check the history books in our schools, one can hardly find any mention of Kashmir history. J&K Board has failed to make our new generations aware of our glorious past as Kashmir being the only part of Indian subcontinent has uninterrupted history of almost 3 thousand years. We can hardly find anything like Kashmir history in our history books. Our younger generation is only made to study the history of India.
Tavoos Hassan

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