May our prayers in this blest night be accepted. Aameen!

 The auspicious night is over and our prayers, we hope are accepted. The holy month of Ramadhan is the month of blessings and virtues. Ramadan is considered to be a ‘ training session’ for Mu...

 The auspicious night is over and our prayers, we hope are accepted. The holy month of Ramadhan is the month of blessings and virtues. Ramadan is considered to be a ' training session' for Muslims. This month makes us virtuous by waking up early for prayers (Salaat), offering Salaat (Nimaz) in the mosques, speaking truth etc. This month has also got the night which is better than the prayer of thousand years called Lai-La-Tul-Qader which can be either on 21st or 23rd or 25th or on 27th of Ramadan. Hence this month is really a boon for all the believers. But Alas! There are still some mischief mongers who continue with their evil deeds in this pious month also. Some shopkeepers double the price of items of general consumption, some people don't fear Almighty Allah (SWT) and eat and drink behind curtain or locked door. Some young boys leave their homes for prayers but instead of that they either sit on the shops (waan-painj) or get busy on their cell phones. Almighty Allah (SWT) has affirmed "A person who continue to do evil (speak lie, mal-practice etc) on one hand and claim to be a Rozdar on the other; I don't need his fasts. Such a person gets nothing but hunger". Prophet Muhammad (SAW) while moving towards pulpit said Ameen repeatedly three times. When asked by swahabas present there, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, "Jibreel was praying and I was responding to his three prayers". And when asked about the prayers Prophet Muhammad (SAW) defined those prayers as:
 1)  A person who hears the name of The Prophet of Allah and does not send Durood Sharif to the Prophet should face the wrath of Allah.
2)  A person whose parents are alive and still he is not able to find a place in Heaven (Jannat) for himself, should perish.
3) A person who gets the Month of Ramadan but he is not able to wash all his sins should also be perished.
 Let's pray we are not amongst those on whom descends the wrath of Almighty.
Muhammad Zulqarnain
Hyderpora, Srinagar

Luring students
Dear Editor,
 This refers to the recent celebrations on Gandhi Jyanti in our colleges and luring students by huge cash awards to participate in the debates on relevance of Gandhian Philosophy. In the debates students pledged to follow Gandhi's philosophy in their day to day life which is ridiculous. The politicians of Kashmir are doing this just to please their bosses in Delhi.
Ayaz Zehgeer

AMU trouble
Dear Editor,
 This refers to AMU crisis and a report "AMU: Where goons rule and guns boom on campus" published in press. According to the report; these days Hostels have turned out to be shelters for assailants and learning has become less important. Although AMU has been in the news for the last few months for some wrong reasons, it doesn't however indicate that one can portray the University so dismally that it is surely going to deteriorate the reputation of the university and furthermore in a way the aspirations of some 30,000 odd students pursuing various courses in AMU. Whenever something wrong takes place in the campus, media arrives and exaggerates the issue. The nuisance is frequently caused by a faction of assailants who are not the registered students of the University and are illegally residing in the hostels. Moreover it is now apparent that all the three involved in the recent murder of a student were outsiders. One cannot deny the fact that internal politics has a part to play in the current circumstances in campus, and it is true more or less everywhere. There is no authenticity in the point referred to in the report that students purchase the thesis and synopsis from a local market and submit it to the authorities. One can see the research scholars working with their entire blood and toil in the campus, even some scholars can be witnessed in their labs in the late night hours.
Gulam Jeelani
M.A. Mass communication
AMU, Aligarh

Implement laws
Dear Editor,
 Authorities should implement laws on ground to prevent locals and tourists from littering in and around the lake.  Law should be enforced by issuing fine to people who litter in the Lake. Signs boards should be put along the lake for this purpose. LAWDA should be more proactive in this regard. The machines should be used every day for at least eight hours a day and the operators should be monitored. Every time I visit Kashmir, I see those machines functionless all the time and operators use them only for a maximum of one hour. Authorities should monitor them and make sure that they do their job well.
Bilal Badyari

Digital Library
Dear Editor,
 Digital library is a remarkable development that has brought excellence in the field of Library and Information discipline. A digital library is just like conventional library. Digital libraries are e-libraries in which geographically scattered users can access the digital and electronic information resources viz text, maps, multimedia, images, government datasets etc. The main aim behind is to personalize collections stored in digital formats once over a network, with procedures to select the material in the collections, to organize it, and to disseminate it to the end user. Digital libraries "libraries without walls", is an extension of the library that provides users an easy access to information that has been authenticated. Also adds value and saves time and checked limitations such as limited shelf-space, limited access, and geographical barrier. It is a library that can be personally customized and ultimately will be easy to use. In the words of Donald J.Waters, "Digital library is less transparent than what you might expect." The words conjure up images of cutting-edge computer and information science research. They are invoked to describe what some assert to be radically new kinds of practices for the management and use of information. And they are used to replace earlier references to 'electronic' and 'virtual libraries'.
Ashaq Hussain Wafaye
Library and Information Science,
Kashmir University 

Roads neglected
Dear Editor,
 This refers to the macdamisation of roads which is going on at a satisfactory speed these days. But one can't understand what the concerned authorities are really doing. Their first goal should be to look after the roads which are in worst condition, but there is no proper planning. They are doing quiet opposite of this. They macdamise the roads which were in good condition but the roads which are in poor condition are neglected, although there is no traffic rush or any such thing which can cause any type of hindrance to the process of macdamisation on these roads. It is requested that the concerned authorities should look after this matter and take necessary steps in this regard.
Wasim Shah

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