Vohra hails JKP, CRPF

Srinagar, Oct 9: The state governor, N N Vohra, on Thursday said that JK Police and CRPF had to face difficult times during the past three months and complimented them for maintaining peace in the...

Srinagar, Oct 9: The state governor, N N Vohra, on Thursday said that JK Police and CRPF had to face difficult times during the past three months and complimented them for maintaining peace in the state.
"Police and troopers have faced extremely difficult situation during the past two decades. The situation was most challenging during the past three months and the police remained in the forefront to maintain peace and order while safeguarding the human and fundamental rights of the people," Vohra said while inaugurating the new complex of the Police headquarters at Peer Bagh here.
He exuded confidence that peace will return to Jammu and Kashmir and the people would soon be able to lead a normal life without disturbances and interruptions.
The governor said that a vibrant media had added to the challenges being faced by the police. "Media registers the FIR and even at times pronounces the judgment before a hawaldar or SHO can act. On various occasions the police have to face severe criticism, rightly or wrongly," Vohra said.
He termed the politicization of the country's police force as unfortunate and said the force had been neglected in every state.
"It was unfortunate that police force was politicized after 1947. Had force been allowed to do what it was meant for, things would have been much better. If they are forced to do things other than enforcing law it can have far reaching consequences," Vohra said.
He said that deficiencies lie within the system. "It's not police that has failed," he said, "It's the system that has failed to deliver."
The governor congratulated Jammu and Kashmir Police for getting its own headquarters, but was quick to add that police forces in other states are not as lucky as JK Police. "Inadequate budgetary support for periodic recruitments, training and continuing modernization led to police becoming ineffective even though its responsibilities for maintaining law and order kept on increasing with each passing day," he said.
Recalling his working closely with the police in Punjab and later as Union Home Secretary, he observed that after passing through a difficult phase, the police force in the states had since entered a phase of regaining confidence, discipline and morale, which had been severely dented in the past years.
Speaking on the occasion, advisor to the Governor, Sudhir S Bloeria, eulogized Jammu and Kashmir Police for its role in fighting militancy and maintaining law and order. He said the police had a most crucial role of preserving the life and property of the people particularly in the wake of prevailing situation in the state.
Welcoming the governor, director general of police, Kuldeep Khuda, said that Jammu and Kashmir has been confronted with an abnormal situation for the past two decades on account of very high level of violence.
He said that the Police organization came under tremendous strain while discharging its role in protecting the lives and properties of the people. He maintained that the state Police has undergone a paradigm shift, from an investigating agency entrusted with managing the routine law and order situations, to its new found role of countering the threat of militancy emanating both from the frontiers as well as from the rear areas.
Khuda also referred to the recent protests in the state and said that the serious law and order situation involving 20 of the 22 districts of Jammu and Kashmir was an acid test for the efficacy of the force. He said that despite various constraints and deficiencies of sophisticated weaponry, communication cover and transport, the Jammu and Kashmir Police rose to the occasion and discharged its responsibilities successfully.
The DGP expressed gratitude to the governor for sanctioning a very significant enlargement of the Railway Police and Traffic Police. He said that the addition of five more Indian Reserve Battalions was also in the pipeline.

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