Benefits of demographic dividend possible only if health of people is ensured: Rajnath

File Photo of Rajnath Singh
File Photo of Rajnath Singh

New Delhi, Apr 21: Social well-being is facing challenges as people move from their native places to urban centres and other places in search of work. Cut-off from their roots, they feel lonely and insecure which impacts their health adversely.

In addition, nuclear families and sub-nuclear families have become more prominent with even single parenting emerging on the scene, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said while virtually addressing the National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS) on its 63rd Foundation Day here on Friday.

The minister highlighted the significance of social well-being, which he viewed as a dimension of health besides physical and mental health.

Singh added that such developments, if left unchecked, may endanger the institution of marriage and single person households may become common.

"It may appear to be a matter of freedom of choice, but in reality it is a big social crisis pushing human beings towards loneliness which need to be avoided. Many medical studies indicate that loneliness is the root cause of physical, mental and psychological problems of a person. We need to introspect whether we are destroying our social well-being in the name of so called modernity," he said.

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