CVC recommends implementation of ‘Integrity Pact’ in all govt procurements

New Delhi, Sep 18: The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has made recommendation for implementing the of Integrity Pact (IP) in all public procurements by the various Ministries and the Departments.

IP helps government and companies to reduce high cost and maintain quality control.

IP adoption creates public confidence and trust in decision making process.

In its order issued on September 14, 2021, the CVC said that in order to enhance the transparency and probity in public procurement, it has provided the Standard Operative Procedure which also envisages the appointment of an independent external monitor.

“The IP will also envisage the appointment of Independent External Monitor who are eminent and experience person of high integrity, adequate experience, a person of high integrity and having unblemished service record are appointed as IEM in any organisation, the Commission is empaneling persons of integrity, after following due process to such person,” the order said.

“The panel of such persons is updated at periodic intervals to ensure the constant availability of suitable person for nomination/appointment as IEM,” it added further.

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