Ex-PCCF  holds series of  tree talks in New Delhi

Ex-PCCF  holds series of  tree talks in New Delhi
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New Delhi, De 12: With an aim to know the economically significant trees grown in the National Capital Region which have the potential to be grown in J&K, particularly the Jammu region, a series of Tree Talks were organised in different locations around New Delhi during the last few days. These events were held under the guidance of noted naturalist, writer, and former Principal Chief Conservator of Forests  (PCCF) O P Sharma. These events were held to mark 12 years of Tree Talk which was initiated by OP Sharma way back in December 2010 in Srinagar and Jammu.

While interacting with experts in Lodhi garden, notable nature lovers and forest experts threw light on the importance of many herbs and trees found in Lodhi Garden New Delhi. O P Sharma explained the importance of these, especially the medicinal significance of  iAdansonia digitata (Monkey bread tree, Gorakh Imli, Boswellia serrata (Ghost tree,Bhootya  vriksh) whose products are used for the treatment of arthritis, cancer treatment.  O P Sharma said that trees like Prosopis cineraria (Indian Mesquite tree,Shami ,Jand with edible pods, related to Saturn that is worshipped on Vijay Dashmi could be introduced in Jammu plains. 

A Tree Talk was hosted in Aravalli ridge and Asola Bhatti wildlife sanctuary as well. The flora of the Aravalli mountain range was discussed during the programme. O P Sharma and other participants threw light  on the unique trees with medicinal & commercial value which included  Wrightia tinctoria  Dyeing rosebay ,Indrajao, Kootaj ,Salvadora oleoides (Meetha Jaal,Bada Peelu),Salvadora persica (Peelu ). The Peelu is  attractive to birds and oil is also extracted from its seeds  and the tree is adapted to drought conditions)

O P Sharma said that Capparis decidua (Kair,Kareel,Taint ,Leafless Cape) ,Sapindus laurifolius ,Sapindus emarginatus (Soapnut) are the  species grown in arid degraded areas of Delhi . He also said that Pterocarpus santalinus (Red sanders ,Rakta chandan whose wood is used to treat diabetes and is a rare  tree of Andhra Pradesh can be grown in Kandi belt of Jammu.

During Tree Talk deliberations held in the heritage garden of Mughal era ,Sunder nursery  Nizamuddin area the lesser known trees highlighted for their utilization included Chrysophyllum oliviforme ( Satin leaf tree) Holoptelea integrifolia (Monkey biscuit tree,Chudail papdi) , Manilkara hexandra (Khirni,Milk tree ). O P Sharma said that some of these were grown in Mubarak mandi and Zanana Park  of Jammu.

Other trees which were suggested to be grown around Jammu included Sterculia foetida (Jungli badam) ,Phyllanthus reticulatus (Black honey bush),Securinega leucopyrus (White honey bush) & Thespesia populnea (Portia tree,Paras Peepal ,Bhendi).

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