Kudos to aircrew who executed Wadi Seidna rescue operation in Sudan: IAF chief

Kudos to aircrew who executed Wadi Seidna rescue operation in Sudan: IAF chief

New Delhi, Apr 29: Indian Air Force chief Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari on Saturday lauded the Air Force aircrew who executed Sudan’s Wadi Seidna rescue operation and assured the nation that it will do it again whenever such a time comes.

“I think the IAF displayed its core capability of being able to carry our operations in the most difficult of situations and my kudos to the aircrew who executed this mission so flawlessly. I want to assure the nation that whenever the times come we will do it again and again,” Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari told ANI. Despite the airstrip in Sudan’s Wadi Seidna having no navigational approach, aids or fuel, and landing lights (that are required to guide an aircraft landing at night), the Indian Air Force (IAF) and Garud Commandos carried out a daring, overnight operation to air-lift stranded Indians.

On the night of April 27, 28, 2023, the IAF C-130J aircraft rescued 121 personnel from a small airstrip at Wadi Seidna, which is about 40 km North of Khartoum, Sudan, the IAF said in a statement.

Knowing that the airstrip had no facilities to facilitate the rescue mission, the aircrew used their Electro-Optical/Infra-Red sensors to ensure that the runway was free from any obstructions and that no inimical forces were in the vicinity.

Having made sure of the same, the aircrew carried out a tactical approach on Night Vision Goggles, on a practically dark night. Among the passengers was a pregnant woman, besides those who had no means to reach Port Sudan, the IAF said in a statement.

While speaking at Chanakya Dialogue event on future of private sector in the aerospace force he said,” I think the democratization of space through the new policies issued in the last one or two years, is the biggest revolution that has taken place in our environment. So it definitely has opened up the avenues for private players to come in. And now, the sky’s the limit or space the limit to see where we can integrate their capabilities with our requirements.”

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