'Menstrual health, hygiene in India need of the hour'

'Menstrual health, hygiene in India need of the hour'
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Mumbai, May 28: As part of the Menstrual Hygiene Day today, Niine Hygiene and Personal care distributed sanitary pads to over 2.5 lakh girls across 8 states within just a month. Since their inception, the company has empowered over 7.5 lakh women with access to safe menstrual hygiene.

Menstrual health and hygiene in India is the need of the hour as a very small" percentage of the female population has access to sanitary napkins while the rest are still forced to use old clothes and rags during their periods, the company said.

“Niine sets itself apart from the rest with the manufacture of sanitary napkins and baby diapers of premium quality that maintain an affordable price point. The company regularly conducts workshops in schools and colleges with the key objective of dismantling period taboos, increasing awareness and putting young girls and women in charge of their menstrual health while encouraging them to do the same for others in the society," the company added in a statement.

“The movement brings together men and women by reaching out to them through social caregivers and self-help groups and actively encourages them to discuss periods and eliminate the stigma surrounding it,” it added.

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