Quality standards to ensure cyber security of drones in work: Govt

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New Delhi, May 3: The government has said that quality standards on unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) are under development, and once ready, will ensure cyber security, which is essential in drones to protect them from cyber-attacks, unauthorised access and data theft.

The norms are being developed on the basis of risk identification and compliance to this document will ensure the protection of sensitive data, maintenance of privacy, safety and prevention of hijacking.

The standards will also cover the design and maintenance needs like requirements for control and stability, propulsion system, flight control system and their geofencing.

Director General of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Pramod Kumar Tiwari, told reporters on Wednesday that the standards are still being framed but will ensure the performance of various subsystems such as control systems, mission profile, software under various environmental conditions of temperature, pressure, humidity, rain, vibration.

He further said that standards on e-vehicles and charging infrastructure are also under preparation, which will specify requirements for electric power trains and rechargeable electrical energy storage system (REESS) of different categories of vehicles.

The proposed standards will also cover electric rickshaw e-kart and type approval of hybrid electric vehicles.

The government has already put in place standards on e-vehicles and charging infrastructure, which covers electrically propelled road vehicles, lithium-ion traction battery packs and systems and electric traction motors.

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