Technology cannot remain confined to big players: India at COP 27

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New Delhi, Nov 11: To identify technology needs and their assessment for adoption for sustainable well-being of global citizens in future, India’s Department of Science and Technology hosted a panel discussion on “Technology Needs Assessment for Sustainable Life” at the India Pavilion at COP 27.

In her address at the discussion, Environment Secretary Leena Nandan said that what India and the world need today is technology. “Climate change is not an issue confined to those who are seen as emitters. There is now a realisation and larger and uniform understanding that Climate change cannot be wished away. It is knocking at our door.”

She said that climate change has led to devastation in the form of several nature- based occurrences. “Our lifestyles need to change to respond to the challenges that we are facing... our discussions need to now focus on bridging the gaps between what we want to achieve and how to achieve it.”

Nandan said that science is there but how to apply this science and knowledge to our activities needs to be processed.

In the context of technologies in road construction, she said that one size fits all cannot apply to India due to India’s huge diversity. “Technology needs assessment is different for different states. Terrain diversity forces state to find their respective solutions.”

Stressing on the circular economy, Nandan said:” Reduce, reuse, recycle, restore and refurbish. All Rs need the T that is technology.” She urged DST to engage with state governments to come up with innovative solutions.

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