‘Video coverage should not compromise ballot secrecy’

‘Video coverage should not compromise ballot secrecy’
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New Delhi, July 25: The Election Commission has said that videography of critical events will be done during the vice-presidential polls. However, that video coverage should not compromise the ballot secrecy even remotely, said the Commission.

As per the poll panel, the Observer shall personally monitor the process of video coverage, However, under no circumstances the video coverage shall result in compromising the ballot secrecy even remotely. The videographer while covering the polling process should use long and mid-long shots, pan shots and should not focus on any individual voter and he should not use zooming techniques to focus particularly when a voter is marking his vote on the ballot paper,” said the Commission.

“During the course of poll, in case any incident takes place that could impact the orderly and smooth conduct of poll, including adherence to the polling procedures that shall also be covered in video, On this account, the Returning Officer and the Observers have got an active role to play. In case of any such incident they shall direct the videographer personally and ensure that the incident is videographed,” it said.

The videography will include storage, for the purpose of poll, of ballot boxes and ballot papers, and other election material if any, on receipt from the Commission, in the strong room and sealing of the strong room. It will also cover opening of strong room for shifting the ballot boxes and ballot papers, etc., to the place of poll on the day of poll.

The EC said that the videography will also cover actual setting of the place of poll just before the commencement of poll indicating the placement of voting compartments, ballot boxes, seating arrangement for the presiding officer and other officials, representatives of the candidates and the Commission’s Observers, and arrangements for the waiting electors outside the actual place of poll and for entrance and exit of electors into/from the place of poll.

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