Bar Association supports strike

Greater Kashmir

Srinagar, Jan 22: Condemning the continuous publication of blasphemous sketches by the French Magazine Charlie Hebdo, the Bar Association Kashmir has extended its support to the strike call given on January 23 by the religious organizations against the blasphemous act.
“The French magazine is publishing such sketches not only for monetary gains but in the name of liberalism, blasphemy is perpetuated by the magazine, which has not only hurt the religious sentiments of the Muslims across the globe, but is also leading to communal divide on the planet in the name of freedom of expression and liberalism, no one on earth is within his rights to disrespect the religious ideology and the religious leaders particularly the Prophets of Islam,” spokesman of the Bar in a statement said.
“ This publication by French Magazine has been intentionally and deliberately made repeatedly in order to put the Muslim Societies in disorder and create uproar to destabilize the Muslim States and create causes for intervention to beat the Muslims. These acts are immoral and in-violation to the basic rights guaranteed under the UN Charter,” the Bar added.