3 paisa matters a lot for JK Bank!

Greater Kashmir

Srinagar, Jan 17: Iconic coins of 25 paisa (Chuvani) or below may be dead for others, but for J&K Bank even 3 paisa matters a lot. The Bank is spending pounds to get this penny back from a customer.
A city customer of the bank a few days back received SMS from J&K Bank reading: “Payment due date on your J&K Bank Credit Card for Rs 00.50 is 10/01/15. Minimum amount due is Rs 00.03. Please ignore if already paid.”
The customer who is a noted businessman namely Rouf Ahmad Punjabi said: “First, I could not believe my eyes seeing this SMS. I read it several times and every time I drew some amusement from it. I rejected the SMS thinking it might be a mistake.”
“But then came another SMS as a reminder saying: Minimum amount (3 paisa) due on your J&K Bank Credit Card is pending. Please pay immediately to avoid further penalties and charges. Please ignore if already paid.”
“I was startling to see this SMS informing that penalty can be imposed if I fail to pay 3 paisa,” he said.
The matter did not end there. According to Punjabi he has also received a ‘notice’ from the bank through courier in this regard.
According to Punjabi if the SMS was generated automatically, “it could be reprogrammed and customers owing less than Rs 10 could be spared from such notices.”
“May be that amount (Rs 10 or below) would be adjusted into their future transactions,” he suggests.
Meanwhile, Punjabi has three pertinent questions for the Bank: “How wealthy shall the bank become by getting 3 paisa?”
Question number 2: “How much the bank has spent on the courier and SMS sent to me to remind me that I owe them 3 paisa?”
Question number 3: “Now if the bank is really serious to get this amount, please inform me where shall I get 3 paisa coin from?”