Apparel showroom City Clothing inaugurated in Gogji Bagh

With an aim to provide quality stuff to the fashion conscious women, an apparel showroom ‘City Clothing Co” was thrown open for the public in Gogji Bagh here on Monday.

The showroom was inaugurated by Shehla Rashid, a social activist and leader of newly launched political party Jammu and Kashmir Peoples’ Movement in presence of the founding couple Asiya Amin, 37, and Suhail Javaid Bhat, 37. They left their corporate jobs outside and returned back to Kashmir to start something of their own here.

Speaking at the launch function, Shehla Rashid said, “I think more women need to come forward and start their own ventures like this. Women in Kashmir mostly work in government sector but now that space is shrinking as there is saturation. So, more and more women must come forward and start the businesses. It is a best option for their financial independence and bring value to their lives.” 

The couple said the venture is not just any other apparel showroom but it is aimed at provided the customers better and reliable experience with consistency and value for their money.

Working in different MNCs from last 13 years outside the state, Asiya and Suhail decided to move back to pursue their own ‘passion and purpose.”

“The passion is for us and purpose is for our people. We are here to give significant service to our people, because they deserve it and we owe it to them,” said Suhail.

“People are hungry about quality, you come here and I’m sure you will like it. We want to provide people with all the trendy stuff at very reasonable rates. But the quality of the fabric is our first priority. We travelled all across the country to cherry pick these pieces so that people don’t have to order online or be sure or go outside for shopping,” added Asiya.

“Currently entire India is focusing in creating doctors and engineers but I think country needs good entrepreneurs and politicians also. We need to grow and look at places like China, how companies and business have touched the sky there,” she said.