"BJP did not grant two AIIMS to Jammu"

''BJP did not grant two AIIMS to Jammu''

Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) on Monday contested a statement of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) General Secretary Ram Madhav saying the BJP gave two AIIMS to Jammu and Kashmir. 

“I would like to remind everyone that BJP did not grant two AIIMS. It was sanctioned to Jammu only after a joint struggle done by the people of Jammu province that started on April 24, 2015 when the Jammu Chamber called for first Jammu Bandh and later on led by the AIIMS Coordination Committee,” he said.

Jammu Chamber also advises the political leaders not to mislead the innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir by issuing statements regarding internal and national security which it said “is the duty of our security forces who are doing their jobs well and sacrificing their lives every day”.