Bursar Power Project: 7 Kishtwar villages to submerge in water

Bursar Power Project: 7 Kishtwar villages to submerge in water

Rs 211 cr plan for rehabilitation of affected families: AsieaNaqash

 At least seven revenue villages of Kishtwar are going to submerge after  commencement of work on ambitious 800 MW Bursar hydro power project in the district.

“Proposed on almost 74 km away from district headquarters Kishtwar, the project involving 33032.67 acres of land, it is planned on river Marusudar, the main tributary of Chenab with capacity of 800 MW, said AsieaNaqash Minister of State for Power while replying to a question of Firdous Ahmad Tak in states upper.

“The top height of Dam was proposed as 2137 meters while the full reservoir level was proposed as 2134 m. The project has been declared as national project by Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India,” she said.

 “Seven revenue villages namely Yourdu, Nawapahi, Qadernath, Chinjer, Deharna, Lopara, and Janakpora would be completely submerged, once the work on project have been start,” she said.

 “Some 6332 souls of 1,052 families live in this region on 1294.09 acre private land will be affected by this project,” she said adding, “A population of 1673 of 336 families to be displaced due to the project while 716 families and 4659 people will be affected partially due to the proposed project”.

 “Around 1095 structures comprising of residential buildings, cow sheds, shops, religious places and schools are proposed to be dismantled for which compensation is to be paid,” the minister added.

“33032.67 acres of land, including agriculture, forest land, are likely to get submerged, due to this project,” the minister said.

The minister further state that a revised plan of Rs 211.41 crore has been framed for Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) of people to be affected due to the construction of the project.

However, FirdousTak was not satisfied with government’s reply and alleged that facts are not presented in the reply.

 “People of affected villages are protesting against this project, they are living in far flung villages so their voice does not reached here, I appeal for deferment of this question, and direction for government to get a detailed reply,” Tak told Chairman.

However, his demand was not accepted and Chairman informed the house that discussion would be held in house over the issue and asked the members to clear their doubt in discussion.