CCIK unhappy at economic package

Greater Kashmir

The Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industries-Kashmir (CCIK) has expressed displeasure at the recently announced economic package.

In a statement, CCIK said it has few queries to the government which requires replies as it was not the business community in Jammu and Kashmir which was responsible for the events which took place on or after August 5, 2019.

“Our members continue to ask questions, such as: Did we issue the Govt order No.881 of 2019 dated 2-8-2019 (which was put into motion on 5-8-2019), did we snap the internet?) Did we, by ourselves, send Power Department after us to collect their imaginary inflated fees? Did our Loan Accounts turn into NPAs by our own doing? Did we ask the recovery agencies to disrespect us in full public view? 7) Did we borrow the monies to fall into the unending quagmire of debt trap? 8) Did we, own our own, let lose hell on our tourism, horticulture, handircrafts, general trade and agriculture sectors?

The CCIK also claimed that Covid 19 has come as a handy tool for blaming everything on it.

“Many trade organzations had come up with the business losses to each sector of the economy and had enumerated the quantum of losses in absolute figures. But, in return, we have been offered alms in the name of package for “business revival and growth”.”