CCIK urges govt not to impose property tax in Kashmir

The members of the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industries-Kashmir (CCIK) have expressed their concern over the recent announcement of the proposal by the government to empower Municipal Committees, Municipal Corporations and other local bodies to impose property tax on private properties in Jammu and Kashmir.

“One after another shock waves are being transmitted on traders, businessmen, industrialists and common people. Property Tax is unwarranted, unfair and unjustified for reasons best known to everyone,” said CCIK in the statement.

“On one side, the government announces ‘relief’ package which are mere peanuts and also show empathy with the businessmen but on other end government wants to impose property tax which is not conducive keeping in view the bad economy and situation,” CCIK said.

“It is not possible for the crippled economy of Kashmir to take shock and aftershocks. How could trade organizations revive economy in form of these shock waves. The call of the time and the populace is to do away with this order in the interest of justice and fairplay,“ said CCIK.