Compensate travel, tour operators: TAAK to Govt

Travel Agents Association of Kashmir (TAAK) has said the travel agents and tour operators who are the main promoters of the tourism industry have been left clueless post-August 2019 developments.

In a statement, TAAK claimed that the tourism industry has almost been ignored in the financial package.

“The travel agents had spent huge amount of finances for tourism promotion last year and incoming bookings were confirmed against advances till the year end. After the Govt order came into force all the travel agents were forced to refund the advances received from their clients  to the the hotels/houseboats. The losses suffered by tourism industry were colossal especially travel /tour operators for no fault of theirs and never compensated till date.”

“Under prevailing situations grant in aid to tourism sector is what is needed to be given by Government and interest subvention of 5% is no solution to already debt heavy tourism sector,” said TAAK statement.