DM forms market checking teams

The Srinagar administration has launched a city-wide inspection drive to curb overpricing and take immediate action against instances of violations.

District Magistrate Shahid Iqbal Choudhary has directed all executive magistrates of the district to ensure daily inspections of all fresh food markets falling within their respective jurisdictions and take strict action against those indulging in overpricing.

Teams comprising officials from FCSCA, Legal Metrology, Food Safety, SMC and Police will inspect markets in their respective jurisdictions and will be liable for any breaches in action against violations.

Two senior officers from FCSCA Srinagar have been designated as enforcement officers for areas falling within the larger jurisdictions of North and South of the district.

The general public has been requested to report any instances of overpricing in these two larger zones of the district to Assistant Directors Ghulam Qadir at 9906464944 (for North) and Parvaiz Ahmad at 7051736919 (for South) being assured of prompt action on all complaints thereof.