Do not release salary arrears, LTC without prior permission: FC Finance to Departments

Finance Department has regulated expenditure in view of situation arising out of Covid-19 and lockdown wherein the departments were directed to restrict the overall expenditure within 20th of budget estimate, 2020-21 in first quarter i.e. April-June 2020.

In a circular, the Financial Commissioner, Finance Department, DrArun Kumar Mehta, that only regular salaries including children education allowance will be paid.

“Salary arrears, LTC, and leave encashment may not be made during the period of April-June 2020 without prior consent of Finance Department,” reads the circular.

In finance department circular, Mehta said, the transport allowance shall not be drawn in respect of employees who have not attended the office during the lockdown period.

With respect to medical treatment, the Mehta said, advance payment can only be made in emergency cases and office expenses only committed liabilities which cannot be avoided.

“No expenditure to be incurred,” the FC Finance directed department with regard to RRT, publication and other charges whereas “In exceptional cases files can be sent to the finance department.”

Mehta has directed that the expenditure for outsourced manpower, and wages should not exceed 1/4th of the budget in first quarter.

The expenditure on other non-salary heads including minor works, GIA may not be incurred without the prior consent of finance department.

In case of Capex/plan budget, expenditure on essential activities can be initiated after the formulation of plan and uploading of work-wise activity on the BEAMS with prior approval of finance department.