Finance Deptt seeks details of e-tendering of works

Greater Kashmir

Finance Department has asked the heads of the departments to submit details within 15 days about e-tendering of works executed in the current financial year i.e. 2020-21 after it was made mandatory for all the government departments.

“We have made it compulsory for the government departments involved in executing various works on the ground to ensure e-tendering of works above Rs 1 lakh,” said an officer.

The officer said if the departments failed to e-tender works and execute the work, they will not be able to make the payment which has been made mandatory.

Meanwhile, a request has been made to the Administrative Secretary of different departments to furnish the details of e-tendering in respect of works to be under taken/ executed by the departments or subordinate offices in the current financial year i.e. 2020-2021, according to the Finance Department.

The details like name of the work, scheme, administrative approval/technical sanction reference order, budgeted/unbudgeted, central/state schemes, and time period for invitation of bids has been demanded by the Finance Department from the executing department heads, while directing them to submit details in 15 days.

The officials said that since villagers are involved in MG-NREGA schemes to execute work on ground, it helps the department to generate employment opportunities in rural areas in which tendering is not required.