Fireside-chat with Nobel Laureate Dr Yunus on March 11

To discuss in detail the post-COVID innovation and growth model, the ‘Innovation Incubation & Entrepreneurship Development centre (IIED Centre) of NIT Srinagar in collaboration with School of Management, Zhejiang University and Yunus Centre, Dhaka will host a ‘40-minutes fireside chat’ with Professor Muhammad Yunus’ on the topic of  ‘Rethinking Innovation and Growth Models in Post-Covid World.’

According to a statement by the organisers, Chief discussant for the event will be Prof. Xiaobo Wu.  Xiaobo WU is a Professor of Innovation and Strategic Management, School of Management, Zhejiang University.

The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Sheikh Fayaz Ahmad, who works as an Innovation Researcher with Zhejiang University China. His work on alternative forms of innovations recently appeared in journals like Oxford Development Studies and International Development Planning and Review.

Professor Saad Parvez who is Head Innovation ‘Incubation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre’, NIT-Srinagar will be the convener for the session.

“Prof Yunus was approached by Dr. Sheikh Fayaz Ahmad first in 2019 when he was working with JKEDI as an innovation consultant. Prof Yunus had then agreed to visit Kashmir for four days and was supposed to speak at JKEDI. Due to sudden rise in border skirmishes, the event was postponed. Fayaz, again approached Prof Yunus last year and he agreed for a Fireside Chat with NIT-ZJU event. He also agreed for a key note lecture for the second Leadership Summit organized by IIM Jammu on 26th of Feb 2021,” it said.

The statement further said that in 2019 Prof Yunus had agreed to set-up few Yunus Centers in Kashmir to lift people out of poverty. The organizers are hopeful, that after April 2021, Prof. Yunus and his team will visit Kashmir and formally inaugurate a couple of Yunus Centers in Kashmir, Ladakh and Jammu.

This event is open to public. And anyone wishing to join can email at: