GAD constitutes committee to implement STRIVE projects in J&K

General Administration Department (GAD) today constituted a nine-members steering committee to implement skill strengthening for industrial value enhancement (STRIVE) projects.

The sanction was accorded the committee headed by the Principal Secretary, Department of Skill Development, J&K alongwith eight other members from different departments and private sector.

The committee will guide and advise the work of the UTPIUs including SAMCs and authorizing reports to the UT Government, the Central Government, the NSC, and the World Bank.

Besides, they will assess and recommend the Institute Strategic Plan (ISP) of lTIs and proposals for Industry Apprenticeship Initiative (IAI) from Industry Clusters (ICs) for financing under the project.

They will also assist selected lTIs in selection of Chairman of Institute

Management Committee, if required. “Reviewing implementation progress periodically and providing directions on resolving the challenges faced in the operations including reform activities.

Recommending to NSC proposals for use of incentive funds for UT

Reforms,” will be the term of reference for the committee which will also review and approve the Annual Work Plan and Budget (AWPB)

of the UTPIU and oversee operational activities of lTIs and ICs covered under the project in the UT.

The reviewing and approving the training plans for the staff of UTPIU and of institutions.