GI Tagging, labelling to counter fake handicraft items

Greater Kashmir

Mahmood Ahmad Shah, Director Handicrafts & Handloom Kashmir today chaired a meeting of Handicrafts Quality Control Council to discuss the menace of misbranding of Kashmir Handicrafts and the sale of fake Machine made lookalikes in the name of Kashmir Art & Crafts.

The council members suggested the enforcement of the Handicrafts Quality Control Act in letter and spirit, and mandatory labeling of all the Handicraft items, besides G.I Labeling of Hand Made Kashmir products.

The participants suggested constitution of Special Committee for providing valuable inputs, measures and mechanism to be adopted for effective enforcement of Handicrafts Quality Control Act.

It was decided that an aggressive campaign through print and electronic media needs to be launched for awareness of general public regarding G.I certification. It was also suggested to aware the Handicraft outlets across the UT to distinctly brand products like machine make and Handmade. It was also decided to mobilize the quality Control wing of the department for effective implantation of the Act across the entire length of the UT.