Gofrills-A click away grocery store in Srinagar

The frequent lockdowns in Srinagar from August last year were the main reason for three brothers to think and work out a business plan which would help all to purchase grocery online.

Haseeb Khan, Shahid Khan and Ammar Khan delved on it to make it functional from September last year when they chalked out a plan to start what they called first online grocery delivery system in Kashmir, which they named Gofrills.

To tide over the internet gag and to get the best possible online platform made for their Grofrills online grocery store, they moved to Delhi post August last year.

“Since everything was to be internet driven so we had to move to Delhi in order to get things started. The whole concept of Grofrills is about bringing the departmental store to the doorsteps of our customers rather than them having to come to us. To give a smart shopping experience to our consumers we have invested a lot in technology, logistics and customer services because we believe in giving the best shopping experience to our customers,” said Haseeb.

The trio said that from being the first company to launch their Grofrills app on both android and apple platforms, they have their own warehouse for all the supplies.

They said over 70 percent of their business is going to be app based  and they want to make it easy for their customers to have everything ready a single click away.

Shahid Khan, who is entrusted with managing the IT part for the Grofrills said that to tide over the issue of low speed internet, they had to optimize their online platforms in a way that can work on low speed internet.

“It has been a year since 4G was snatched from us, we made sure that our customers don’t face slow app service due to low speed internet. To achieve that we optimized our applications in a way which can work smoothly on 2G without leaving out any online service. We want to give our customers an experience which online retail giants like Big Basket is providing. In order to achieve that we put in the best web designing and GUI so that our Kashmiri consumer base will have the best experience while keeping in view the online security and other web security in view,” Shahid said.

Haseeb, who handles the overall operations and marketing for Grofrills said that their aim is not only to provide best online service but to give products at best rates.

“We will make sure to give better prices, our aim is to make the shopping easy at best possible prices. We are introducing a discount system wherever possible in order to make it happen. We will give our consumers all the modes of payment like wallet system, cards, online banking and also cash on delivery,” said Haseeb.