HDFC launches manual of innovative teaching under CSR

HDFC Bank on Wednesday launched a manual of innovative teaching ideas called NavacharPustika.

According to a company spokesperson, the NavacharPustika (Innovations Handbook) is a compilation of innovative teaching ideas contributed by teachers themselves.

“These zero cost, high impact ideas are part of HDFC Bank’s ‘Teaching-the-Teacher’ (3T) programme under Parivartan, the umbrella CSR of the bank. The 3T programme is run in partnership with Sri Aurobindo Society,” the spokesperson said.

Under 3T, more than 14 lakh teachers across 18 states have been trained by inviting ideas from them, and implementing the selected ideas in schools to improve the quality of education.

This programme has already benefitted more than 1.6 crore students across 6 lakh government schools.