Homemade tiffin service resumes with bio-degradable packaging

Tiffin Aaw, the tiffin service, has introduced environmental friendly packing of biodegradable material made of sugarcane.

Rayees Ahmed, a young entrepreneur from Srinagar, who launched the service in late 2019, said that the packaging used is not only environmentally friendly but is also non-toxic. He said that the packing is made of sugarcane and is 100 percent biodegradable.

“I introduced the Tiffin Aaw service in late 2019 as the first tiffin service from Srinagar. I had always in my mind to keep the food 100 percent health and environment friendly so I had planned to introduce biodegradable packing. After months of research I found out about boxes made from sugarcane which are hundred percent biodegradable can be a good option,” said Rayees.

He said after the government eased the lockdown and allowed the takeaway and delivery of food, he geared up to resume his services.

“I resumed my service this time with new packing. I was getting calls from many people to restart but I was waiting for lockdown to ease so that I can restart without breaking any COVID guidelines. The new packing has helped me to deliver tiffins with zero contact,” Rayees said.

In order to keep it environment friendly and non toxic, the young entrepreneur is using wooden spoons so that there won’t be any use of plastic which is considered unfit for health. Rayees is delivering these tiffins in Srinagar only and is providing veg and non veg meals at a price of Rs 75 to Rs 150.