Import of Iranian apple: Kashmiri growers write to FM

Kashmir Valley Fruit Growers Union (KFGVU) has sought Union Financial Minister NirmalaSitharaman’s intervention to stop the practice of ‘illegal import of Iranian apple via Afghanistan’ in order to safeguard interests of local horticulture sector.

This latest letter from Kashmir apple farmers comes a day after they wrote to Delhi Chief Minister ArvindKejriwal asking for his intervention in restraining large-scale dumping of Iran-origin apples in Delhi’s fruit mandis.

In a missive to Union FM, the KVFGU has stated that “Iranian apple via Afghanistan are imported by various traders and illegal sale thereof is made in New SabziMandiAzadpur Delhi taking the benefit from it due to this fact that there is zero import duty agreement between Indian government and Afghanistan severely hitting our business badly. This elusive and evasive activity to defeat the realization of taxes has a direct negative impact on apple fruit industry of northern India in general and UT of J&K in particular.”

They said evasion being against the parameters of Commercial and constitutional morality needs to be checked in time to up hold the hygiene and transparency in the Merchandize. The fruit growers have urged the government to impose  ban to or restrict entry of Iranian apples via Afghanistan and its illegal sale is, therefore, very essential in order to save the fruit growers of the Valley/ Himachal Pradesh from further losses.