In public interest, contractors decide to resume road repairs

In view of dilapidated roads causing inconvenience to commuters across Kashmir, contractors, who have boycotted all development works as a protest against the government, have decided to carry the road repairs in the public interest.

Joint Contractors Coordination Committee (JCCC), which is spearheading the boycott, is demanding release of pending bills worth Rs 1,024 crore.

“After civil society members, private school associations requested us to carry out repair works on roads. JCCC has decided that we would continue our boycott but our members will carry patch works on the dilapidated roads so that the common people won’t suffer,” said chairman, JCCC, Ghulam Jeelani Purza.

He said that government has so far redressed only one demand but the remaining issues of pending liabilities, reducing limit for e-tendering and others are still pending.

“But we are also part of the society, our roads in Kashmir are in bad shape as a result of which everybody suffer. Therefore our contractors will participate in tendering bids for only road repairs. Neither we would paint bungalows of estate department nor we would paint roads and footpaths ahead of Durbar move,” he said, adding that contractors would continue boycott of all other developmental activities.

Development works including languishing projects and repair of roads have come to halt as the state government has failed to release payment of contractors amounting to Rs 1,024 crore.

Normally in April the work on development projects used to be on full swing as the Kashmir witnesses slump in construction activities during winter months due to low temperatures. However this year situation is totally different as the work on all the important projects have come to halt following the boycott call given by Joint Coordination Committee of Contractors who are seeking release of their bills.