India’s 7th Economic Census begins

India’s 7th Economic Census begins
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India's seventh Economic Census began from Tripura on Monday and a similar task would be launched in other states and Union Territories across the country next month, officials said.

"The three-month long fieldwork of seventh EconomicCensus launched today (Monday) in Tripura. The fieldwork in other states andUnion Territories would be undertaken in August and September," EconomicCensus nodal officer Arup Kumar Chanda told IANS.

He said the IT-enabled economic census would be done by theCommon Service Centres (CSC) in each gram panchayat. The official said that theenumerators and supervisors engaged by the CSCs have been trained to collectdata on mobile application developed for data capture, validation, reportgeneration and dissemination.

At least 6,000 enumerators and supervisors from unemployedyouths are being engaged to conduct the Economic Census in Tripura.

An official release said that the data would be collectedthrough door to door survey of each household and commercial establishmentunder the provisions of Collection of Statistics Act 2008.

Household and establishment-level data collected would bekept strictly confidential and used only for developmental planning and statisticalpurposes by the state, Union Territory and central governments.

The data collected by enumerators would be verified bysupervisors in subsequent visit to the concerned household and establishments.After completion of data collection and processing, the statistical results ofthe economic census would be released, it said.

The seventh economic census is being conducted by Ministryof Statistics and Programme Implementation. In the current Economic Census, theministry has partnered with CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, a SpecialPurpose Vehicle under the Ministry of Electronics and Information in theseventh economic census.The census would also cover all establishmentsincluding household enterprises, engaged in production or distribution of goodsand services.

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