Jammu violence aimed to create regional divide ahead of polls: KCCI

Jammu violence aimed to create regional divide ahead of polls: KCCI

Urges Jammu counterpart to help maintain communal harmony

Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI) on Friday said the mob violence that broke out in Jammu in wake of Thursday’s Lethpora attack is aimed to create a regional divide in Jammu and Kashmir ahead of the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls. 

“By targeting minority community, anti-social elements were vitiating peaceful atmosphere and unity of the state,” president KCCI Sheikh Ashiq Ahmad said in a press conference.

“A situation is being created by communal elements to bring regional divide in the state so that favourable political atmosphere for a certain party is set-in. We highly condemn the attacks on minority community and appeal for communal harmony,” he said. 

In view of the attacks on minority community in Jammu, KCCI urged state and central government to make efforts for safeguarding Kashmiris living outside the Valley in various parts of the country.

“We are constantly in touch with our Jammu counterparts. We have asked them to take steps for ensuring safety of Muslim community in Jammu. We also appeal state and central government to ensure safety of Kashmiris wherever they are residing across the country especially students,” said Ashiq. 

If needed, KCCI will be sending its team to Jammu soon in order to mobilize the civil society and business community there for ensuring communal harmony, he said, adding ransacking of minority community properties such as vehicles in Jammu is highly condemnable. 

“It is not just about losses to property and vehicles but a blow to dignity of people as they are being stifled in their own land. Entire business community of the Valley appeals people in Jammu to stay away from rioting as this is counterproductive for our state,” said Ashiq.  

 “Instead of creating a war rhetoric government should work towards a sustainable peaceful dialogue which can only help resolve Kashmir issue. We have always condemned any sort of killings as innocent human loss must be out rightly opposed. Only a dialogue can help to address Kashmir issue so that we overcome day-to-day loss of human lives,” Ashiq said. 

Ashiq said safety of Kashmir’s living in Jammu, especially a large population which migrates to the plains must be safeguarded by the government. 

Ashiq said hate-speech and violence against Kashmiris  studying, working or doing business outside the Valley was “deep-rooted propaganda”. “We have established a regular contact with businessman and others who are constantly apprising us about their problems outside the state,” he said.