J&K Bank organises DLRC meeting

To review performance of the banks operating the district for the quarters ending March (FY 2019-20) and June (FY 2020-21), J&K Bank conducted a District Level Review Committee (DLRC) meeting of Baramulla district that was chaired by the District Development Commissioner Baramulla Dr G N Itoo.

The meeting, organized by the Lead Bank Office of the district, was attended by DDM NABARD, Cluster Head and Lead District Manager J&K Bank, representatives of banks and other line departments. Speaking on the occasion, the Chairman DLRC Dr G N Itoo advised all the banks and sponsoring agencies to work with cooperation, coordination and cohesion to achieve the targets and goals of development and progress besides employment generation for unemployed youth of the district.

Giving summary of the achievements for the financial year 2019-20 under District Credit Plan, LDM Baramulla Javid Rashid informed the house that against a target of Rs 3318.48 Cr, the banks in the district have disbursed Rs 2744.36 Cr recording an achievement of 82.70 %.

While agriculture sector has seen the credit dispensation of Rs 1589.43 Cr against the target of Rs 1915.66 Cr, Rs 252.55 Cr were disbursed in the MSME sector against the target of Rs. 518.04 Cr. In service sector, Rs 160.01 Cr were disbursed against the target of Rs. 302.49 Cr.

Non-Priority Sector has seen the target achieved with credit dispensation of Rs. 742.36 Cr against the target of 582.29 Cr. Out of the Rs 2744.36 Cr; Rs 2002 Cr were disbursed towards the priority sector.

“Under various schemes 130655 beneficiaries were benefited. Priority Sector Advances of the district on March 31, 2020 were Rs 2780.76 Cr which is 63.77% of the total advances, while as the CD ratio of the district was 77.73 % at the end of fiscal 2019-2020”, said the LDM.

Speaking of the achievements for quarter ending June 2020, the LDM said that all the banks in the district have disbursed Rs 395.88 Cr that includes Rs 287.24 Cr to the priority sector as against the total target amount of Rs 3826.54 Cr under District Credit Plan 2020-21. In Agriculture, MSME, Service and Non-Priority Sectors, Rs 217.22 Cr, Rs 56.79 Cr, Rs 13.21 Cr and 108.64 Cr respectively have been disbursed in the first quarter ending June 2020.

The Chairman DLRC also directed all Line Departments and Banks to conduct awareness programs at Village/block levels to increase awareness among the people about the social security schemes and other developmental programs of the government.