JKSECC demands revocation of highway ban order

The Jammu and Kashmir Socio Economic Coordination Committee (JKSECC), an amalgam of various trade, travel, transport, tourism, industrial, horticulture, contractors, educational, pharmaceutical, houseboat and other formations has demanded revocation of recent state government order restricting vehicular  traffic movement on the highway.

In a statement, JKSECC said, “The frequent restrictions on the highway during past one year on one or the other pretext had caused havoc and unimaginable losses to the business community apart from severe inconvenience to the general public including patients and tourists”.

“Nowhere in the world the people are subjected to such bizarre and deplorable treatment by the governments that claim to have been established for the service of same very people,” read the statement.

JKSECC demanded immediate revocation of the order. “Allowing vehicular traffic for just few hours besides frequent road blockades due to widening and abnormal weather tentamounted to virtual strangulation of economic activities in the valley.” in protecting yatris from vagaries of weather during several pilgrimages.”