Kashmir fly fishing federation launches cleanliness drive

Kashmir Fly Fishing Federation Saturday started a ‘cleanliness drive’ from Varenag stream. The step is part of a series: “Promote Sustainable Angling Initiative.”

Chairman of the federation, Sameer Ahmad Baktoo said the members of the federation are keen to promote the sport of fly fishing in Kashmir for more sustainability.

He said the department of fisheries is doing its best to provide the anglers the “best environment” for the sport and “we as responsible citizens have to ensure that we shall keep our streams and lakes and their catchment clean.”

The chairman, according to a statement issued here, said the sport has a great potential of growth in tourism sector and will work as a major tourism product.

He said the federation will support promotion of the sport in Kashmir as a tourism product.

The chairman said the federation will also take into account the initiatives for conduct of a series of cleanliness drives on various fishing beats of Ladder and Sind river.

“We have people connected with the sport of Fly Fishing involved in this initiative. In the next phase we will invite students, teachers and locals in our initiative and conduct awareness about the importance of our precious fresh water streams and lakes.

“We will also be seeking assistance and guidance from environmentalists,” he said.

Meanwhile, chairman NLCO & NTTA Manzoor Ahmad Wangnoo, who is the honorary member of the federation, has hailed the initiative and assured his full support for the cause.

The members who participated in the event were Ather Nasir Bhut, Dr. S Faisal, Dr. Shahid Matloob, Manvir Sing, Arshad Wangnoo, Rouf Wangnoo, Rahil Bashir, Gulam Nabi Boktoo, Sami Ullah , Amir Madari, Ajaz Ahmad, Muzaffer Ahmad and others. The initiative was also supported by 92.7 Big Fm.