'Let's support local business' | PHD Chamber Kashmir Chapter urge people to buy local products

For keeping the local economy alive, the Business Recovery Task Force of PHD Chamber Kashmir Chapter today gave a call to the people of Kashmir to buy ‘local and think made in Kashmir first’.

According to a statement, the message from PHD Chamber Kashmir is ‘Let’s-support-local-business’ was necessitated by the dictum to buy local at basic level so that money stays in the community.

Chairman Baldev Singh Raina said “Money is like blood. It needs to keep moving around, to keep the economy going.”

“When money is spent elsewhere—at a non-local produce and other services it flows out, like a wound.”

“Vocal for Local is an undercurrent that was waiting for a trigger to become a fountain head for domestic growth and global outreach and it will strengthen the vision of our country and help us live by our motto of ‘Being Vocal to promote Local,” said Raina.

He said there is huge scope in domestic market and current pandemic situation and environment that is compelling us to opt buy local.

“We as responsible citizens should prefer add on priority  only the local produce of fruits and vegetables like apples, cherries, pears, almonds, walnuts etc  in our functions, celebrations and day-to-day meals as gifts and souvenirs and to help the tourism sector of J&K we appeal the administration to allow and promote the movement of local populace to tourist spots for stay in hotels with attractive packages of free dinner or lunch by Hoteliers for local families.”

Mushtaq Ahmad Chaya said that Kashmir economy is in bad shape and the poor business policies in the state have adversely hampered the entrepreneur since three decades.

“So under these circumstances to give impetus to our economy ‘Buy-local’ campaigns can help our local economy withstand the downturn,” said Chaya.

“This is a hopeful message in a economic recession and for future of our youth because it’s not about how much money you’ve got, but how much you can keep circulating without letting it leak out.”

“We believe it is moral responsibility of each and every one in these circumstances to support the slogan of ‘Buy Local’ and even in the current scenario, the tourism industry can only pin its hopes on local tourists and all tourism organizations may need to customize hotel stay, restaurant food for locals at perfectly affordable price for the families of J&K,” said Chaya.

While appreciating the significant measures announced by Chairman J&K Bank, PHD Chamber Task force, said J&K Bank Business Support Loan for General Trade, Hotels, and Guest Houses including SMA-1 and SMA-2 that was requested by PHD Chamber would help certain segments of trade and industry to survive the COVID-19 even though the business fraternity of J&K is eagerly waiting for comprehensive relief and bailout package for J&K from Central Government with effect from August 2019.

Meanwhile, the Task force of PHD Chamber today prioritized the thrust areas for mitigating the issues and policy advocacy with the Government.

“The identified  thrust areas include tourism, education, sports, general trade, horticulture, floriculture, industrial affairs, agriculture, handicrafts, handloom, carpet industry, livestock farming,   automobile, transport, real-estate , infrastructure and power sector.”

According to the statement, keeping in view the social distancing norms these sectors will be represented jointly in the form of Task Force headed by Baldev Singh Raina and MushtaqAhamdChaya along with Jaan Muhammad Kaul, Zahoor Ahmad Tramboo, Pervez Qalander, ShowketChoudhary, HimayuWani, Bilal Kawoosa, Vicky Shaw, Tariq Ghani, and Shahijehan.

In its first meeting, the Task Force discussed the plight of the apple industry that provides livelihood to 3.5 million people which is already suffering huge losses due to restive situation in Kashmir from August 2019.

The Task Force appealed to the Lieutenant Governor that in order to ensure smooth transportation of the fruits to Mandis, all necessary measures are required to be taken now on priority in order to save the backbone Industry of Kashmir Economy.

Among other issues discussed, the Chairman Baldev Singh Raina informed the Chamber that the Extension in Grant of amnesty for the settlement of unresolved issues in the old tax will be granted within this month by the Finance Department.

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