Make RT-PCR test mandatory for tourists: TAAK

Travel Agents Association of Kashmir (TAAK) has urged the the J&K administration to designate administrative quarantine centers for travellers testing positive and make RT-PCR test mandatory for all the tourists entering valley.

President TAAK, FarooqKuthoo opined that due to rising number of Covid cases and the huge tourist influx, it’s important to follow this practice to stop the further spread of Virus and send a goodwill message to Tourists intending to travel to valley, a statement issued by TAAK reads.

“Tourists arriving with COVID-19 negative reports should be required to give their sample for RT-PCR testing on arrival at the airport.The present system of RAT at Srinagar airport allows the tourist to check in at the hotels which puts the ground handlers at huge risk.”

Covid testing on arrival is worrying us since we remain in direct contact with the positive cases during their stay in Kashmi, the statement adds.

It states that RAT reports of travelers are delayed at the airport. By the time, reports are dispatched; ground handlers have already come in contact with the visitors. We want negative RTPCR reports to be produced by every visitor on his or her arrival at the airport,” said Kuthoo as per the statement. .

“Airport administration should not allow tourists to leave the premises till their reports are available. “This is the only way to prevent the spread of Covid-19,” he said.

President TAAK said several bookings are getting canceled due to the surge in Covid cases. The situation will be worse if the government doesn’t handle it well by making negative RTPCR reports mandatory for every traveler,” he said.

Tourists testing positive are left high and dry due to lack of proper guidelines in place which not only puts them at huge inconvenience but it sends a wrong message across country.