OMG gluten-free juice launched in Kashmir

OMG juice, a new product of bottled sugarcane juice with no added sugar has been launched in Kashmir.

“OMG 0r Oh My Ganna Juices are the first bottled sugarcane juice with no added sugar,without any chemical preservatives and gluten free,” said a statement by the manufacturer Nutricane. It comes with variant as lemon, cumin ginger, mango and guava. New variant apple, orange and litchi will hit Kashmir market later this month. “It is high end, healthy product for limited customer base with USP of this product is, it is natural, free from preservative and surprisingly comes with shelf life of 6 months and nutritional value as good as fresh juice,” it said.

“The growing demand for healthy products globally, and the lack of alternatives have opened a plethora of opportunities for healthy juices to capture the booming juice segment.

Unlike other juices which are pasturised and heated to kill microbes, reduce nutritional value of juice but in OMG there is no heating process done and content of juice are as good as fresh juice,” it said. OMG! is packaged in 250 ml glass bottles and costs  45 with 80% pure juice. The remaining 20% includes water, mixed at different quantities depending on the sweetness of the sugarcane to ensure uniform taste.