Parsa's opens its 12th outlet in Kargil

Parsa’s, the J&K-based fastfood chain, Thursday opened its 12th outlet in Kargil.

The inaugural function was attended by Sheikh Nazir Mehdi – President Isamia School Kargil, Sheikh Hussain – Vice Chairman Baseeg-e-Rohani, Haji Rangeen Ali – Prominent Businessman and first hotelier from Kargil, Sameena Masood, commercial pilot from Ladakh region, in presence of Kargil civil society and business faternity members, writers and journalist fraternity. Parsa’s will be the very first of its kind eatery in Kargil with a book bank having over 300 books available for reading anf borrowing. The franchisee is run by a young businessman Fayaz Ahmed, who is already in hospitality industry for kast few years. Overwhelmed by the local response, Javid Parsa, Founder Parsa Foods said “it is a small step to give a platform for regional interaction. Apart from food, it’ll act as a hub of art and cultural exchange.” They will be organising lot of events in the near future he added.