PHD Chamber urges Government to restore 4G internet services in JK

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PHD Chamber on Friday urged government to restore the high speed internet services in Jammu and Kashmir so that business and educational activities get push amidst lockdown.

In a statement, PHD Chamber Mentor Mushtaq Ahmad Chaya and Chairman of PHD Chamber Kashmir Baldev Singh Raina said government should restore 4G internet services in Jammu Kashmir as the COVID-19 spreads within the country and across the globe, which is pushing many activities online.

“The issue is particularly severe for schools, colleges and universities where the risk of spreading the disease is high. The universities, schools are all closing for varying amounts of time, some moving classes exclusively online through apps and software like Zoom and Google Classroom until they reopen and have shift to online lesson plans, they’re running into the limitations of our threadbare Internet networks, which leave most of the students unable to connect to their new online classrooms,” they said.

“Restricting internet speed and making it harder to access information online is directly countering the global fight against COVID-19, and the government should restore unfettered access to the internet immediately so that the Students, business community and also the government establishments of J&K will get connected virtually.” “We believe that every child should have right to learn remotely and as a parent and as a business organization, we believe there are ways we can make sure that when crises like these do occur, every child has the facility from government to learn remotely,” said Baldev in the statement.